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Redington Shores

Map of Redington Shores Beach and the Beachfront Bellhop Tampa Bay Beach Ball Icon noting the set-up spots for Beachfront Bellhop Tampa Bay


18200 Gulf Blvd

Redington Shores, FL 33785

The beach access at Redington Shores features restrooms, showers, and 170 parking spaces. The area is a mixture of commercial and residential, with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, for a relaxing beach atmosphere. For more information on Redington Shores Beach Access visit their Pinellas County webpage.

What we love about Redington Shores:

  • Easy-to-access restrooms

  • Large metered parking lot ($2.50/hour)

  • Lighted crossway to access restaurants

  • Stair-free walkway to the beach


Helpful reminders: 

  • Parking lots fill up quickly so an earlier set-up is preferred

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