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Sunset Beach


8000 West Gulf Blvd

Treasure Island, FL 33706

Sunset Beach in Treasure Island is a residential beach community. Our recommended location is near the Sunset Beach Pavilion, which features a shaded open-air picnic area, restrooms, outdoor showers, playground area, vending machines, parking, and is a handicap accessible facility. You can rent the Pavilion for a party of up to 50 people. A popular restaurant and bar named Caddy's is about a 15 minute walk north up the beach. Otherwise, there are no restaurants or shops nearby, so pack your lunch! For more information on the Sunset Beach Pavilion visit their website.

What we love about Sunset Beach:

  • Easy-to-access restrooms

  • Playground for kiddos

  • Vending machines

  • Two metered parking lots 

  • Great for families with small children

  • LGBTQIA friendly

Helpful reminders: 

  • The walkways from the parking lot to the beach have stairs

  • Currently several of the walkways from the 7846 W. Gulf Blvd parking lot to the beach are closed for repair.

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